Efforts for the New Normal in Tokyo



Hotels and accommodations in the city of Tokyo have pivoted towards ensuring the safety and peace of mind of their guests in providing safe accommodation during the pandemic. The measures that hotels have taken include placing appropriate signage to educate and remind visitors on the new rules and expectations concerning handwashing and mask wearing, provision of alcohol spray at various locations within hotel facilities, and temperature checks for visitors. The staff working in this sector are certain to be wearing either face masks or shields to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

All guests have their temperature checked and are requested to disinfect their hands

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu is one such hotel that has taken such measures to ensure that its guests feel comfortable in this new normal. The hotel is situated in the center of Tokyo in Nagatacho and nestled next to the tranquil greenery of Hie Shrine. The stunning architecture by Kengo Kuma continues a wooden and water-based theme throughout, accompanied by various impressive artworks. The hotel has placed clear signage at entrances and throughout the facilities to help remind and educate its visitors on the measures that the hotel is taking to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Upon visiting, guests are to have their temperature scanned and can clean their hands via automatic alcohol dispensers located in numerous areas throughout the hotel, like entrances and hallways. The hotel management also requests guests confirm their status of health via self-assessment upon check-in.

The beautiful entrance lobby created by Kengo Kuma welcomes guests from all around the world

Areas such as reception desks and the podiums in the banquet hall which see more spoken, face-to-face interactions, have been installed with plastic screens which add an extra shield between staff and guests and prevent droplets spreading. Moreover, staff wear protection, such as gloves, masks, or face shields, and extra precautions are taken when entering guest rooms; staff ensure they have permission before doing so. The “three Cs” can be further avoided during one’s stay with the guest-only areas on the club floors and its exclusive lounge, The Capitol Lounge SaRyoh.

The hotel’s exclusive lounge, The Capitol Lounge SaRyoh, provides astonishing service for the guests
The Capitol Lounge SaRyoh offers food, tea, and cocktails in designated times of the day

The rooms themselves are fumigated with antibacterial disinfectant between visitors and cleaned thoroughly by staff wearing masks and gloves. All items that a guest may interact with in the room, from furniture to do-not-disturb door signs, are cleaned. In fact, some plastics in the rooms have been replaced with YUPO, which has special water-resistant features and the strength to be wiped down with alcohol. The Capitol Hotel Tokyu has made other changes with similar attention to detail. For example, the in-room dining menu can be accessed via QR code, which can be scanned from any smartphone, further reducing unnecessary physical contact.

  • Some rooms in the hotel are created in traditional Japanese styles
  • The hotel places Green Cards, which gives guests an option to promote environmental sustainability
  • Even the do-not-disturb sign is cleaned by the staffs to ensure guest safety
              The hotel is taking measures to promote environmental sustainability.

The hotel is taking measures to promote environmental sustainability.

The restaurants and the bar also receive a thorough cleaning after business hours and tables and seating have been well-spaced, allowing for a more spacious dining experience. Menus, table seasoning containers, placemats and the like are all wiped down between sittings. The restaurants also provide antibacterial mask holders for convenience. Disinfection measures are taken for all public areas, such as elevator buttons and handrails, even the backroom areas are cleaned just as thoroughly. In addition, all staff wear masks and undergo daily temperature monitoring.

  • Lamps located in the corner help create a luxurious atmosphere
  • Seating at the restaurant is placed further away for safety measures
  • The antibacterial mask holder provided at the restaurant represents the hotel’s attention to detail

The hotel has the perfect combination of calmness and relaxation with the dynamism of the city. With The Capitol Hotel Tokyu as your host, you can be sure you’ll be looked after with the utmost care and safety.

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu will ensure all guests with care at the highest level

(The details in this article are as of December 31, 2020. Please visit The Capitol Hotel Tokyu’s website for up-to-date information for your visit.)



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