Efforts for the New Normal in Tokyo



In Tokyo, due to the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, shops, department stores and shopping malls have been implementing various measures. Establishments require masks to be worn and have temperature checks and alcohol spray available for use at entrances, and some even limit the number of visitors allowed entrance depending on congestion. Shopping facilities all over the city have also introduced plastic shields to prevent droplets from spreading and have disengaged toilet hand dryers for the same purpose. Larger facilities also broadcast information related to the COVID-19 prevention measures on the public-address system.

Modified look of the entrance of GINZA SIX post-COVID-19
Alcohol sprays are located at the entrance of GINZA SIX to ensure customer’s safety

GINZA SIX, the largest commercial facility in the Ginza area, has also taken its own infection control measures to protect its customers. GINZA SIX offers true luxury and high-end experiences with cutting-edge style. Its central atrium exhibits art from renowned artists, beginning from its opening with “Pumpkin” by Yayoi Kusama, and now displaying works from Daniel Buren, Nicolas Buffe, Chiharu Shiota, and Tokujin Yoshioka, and others. The store rotates through artists and creates a stunning attraction that is unique from GINZA SIX for the shoppers. GINZA SIX offers a stunning mixture of art, culture, gourmet food and luxury shopping, and is the perfect representation of its locale, the glamourous shopping district of Ginza.

Tokujin Yoshioka’s Prismatic Cloud contributes to the grandiose atmosphere of GINZA SIX

Yuumi Domoto’s Tami, located at the aisles of GINZA SIX, contributes to the aura of the facility

Photo: Ken Kato

The retail facility has alcohol spray provided at entrances and other areas for disinfection of visitors and performs temperature checks. In addition, the store has restrictions on the number of people who can enter the elevators at one time. Staff also regularly undergo temperature checks and disinfection. GINZA SIX is not only keenly aware of creating an environment where customers feel safe and secure, but also ensures hospitality at the highest levels. The retail facility offers hand lotion, next to the alcohol sprays, which offers relief for their customers’ hands and shows their concern for their customers’ well-being in all areas.

Hand lotion provided next to the alcohol spray represents GINZA SIX’s attention to detail

In addition to its porter services and parking and valet services, patrons of the store who meet certain purchase conditions may be granted access to an exclusive lounge, LOUNGE SIX, where one can enjoy a drink after shopping or a one-of-a-kind meal. It is one of few such services in Japan. GINZA SIX also partners with overseas facilities and extends the use of its partners’ lounges to GINZA SIX members while travelling. Its exclusive members’ areas are also safeguarded by the management’s COVID-19 prevention measures, with social distancing and limits on length of stay in place. LOUNGE SIX, whose design is based on a modern interpretation of traditional Japanese materials by New Materials Research Institute, also offers exclusive and limited events in culture and style. Furthermore, GINZA SIX also provides services for tourists through the TERMINAL GINZA tourist service center and its tax exemption services.

The façade of TERMINAL GINZA exhibits a modern feel

In this way, shopping facilities in Tokyo are taking various measures to provide a safe environment for customers.

Neon sign of the tourist service center
Kanze Noh-gakudo, the Noh theater located in GINZA SIX, is where tourists can enjoy one of the traditional performative cultures of Japan

(The details in this article are as of December 31, 2020. Please visit GINZA SIX’s website for up-to-date information for your visit.)



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