Efforts for the New Normal in Tokyo



The airport authorities that serve the greater Tokyo metropolitan area have adopted prevention measures to stop the spread of COVID-19. The measures being implemented include the wearing of masks by staff, an increase in the alcohol disinfection and cleaning of door handles and handrails in passenger facilities, and social distancing of passengers in queues and checkpoints. Airport authorities also ask passengers to wear masks at all times, to be considerate of etiquette when sneezing, and to wash their hands thoroughly and make use of the alcohol disinfection dispensers in the facilities. As with other commercial facilities in the city, plastic screens are installed to prevent droplets from spreading the virus, and alerts and announcements on public announcement systems are made to inform passengers.

Alcohol disinfection dispensers are provided in various locations within the airport
Signs in the airport request passengers to follow etiquettes for others’ safety

Haneda Airport is one such facility that has taken steps to improve its already stellar cleanliness record. The airport has been dubbed the “World’s Cleanest Airport 2020.”* And so, Haneda Airport Terminal 3 serves millions of passengers with a clean environment for air travel that also provides an opportunity to discover Japanese style and the architectural beauty of the 17th-century streets of Edo, the city that became Tokyo.

Terminal 3 operates 24 hours a day and offers a seamless connection to Tokyo city center. The facility is designed under the concept of universal design, meaning that spaces, elevators and escalators, and toilet facilities are designed with multiple types of users in mind, such as those with physical impairments, wheelchair users, the elderly and children.

*Awarded at 2020 SKYTRAX World Airport Awards

Seating located in the airport request passengers to leave one seat apart from each other for safety
Stickers are placed on the floor to remind passengers to keep distanced from each other

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, Haneda Airport Terminal 3 has implemented distancing of passengers using seating, benches, escalators and elevators as well as other areas throughout the airport. The management asks passengers to wear masks within the premises, ensure that they frequently wash their hands and use hand sanitizer, and to have their temperature and health checked before travel.

The terminal has also installed remote guidance robots than can offer assistance via cameras and sensors. Another high-tech solution is its implementation of contactless systems, whereby passengers can check their bags without having to interact face-to-face with an employee.

Remote guidance robots that assist passengers represent the progressive efforts made by the Haneda Airport
Contactless check-in systems are also implemented post-COVID-19

Of note is the terminal’s vending machines, which now serve masks for travelers. For passengers looking to connect with ancient Edo, vending machines offering an assortment of souvenirs, from traditional Japanese pottery to Shinto wooden plaques for wishes, have been fitted with antibacterial sheets on high-use touch points.

Vending machines now sell masks to satisfy passengers’ demand for safety
Shinto wooden plaques are filled with people’s wishes and hopes

The terminal also now offers COVID-19 testing. The Toho University Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Clinic can perform saliva PCR tests for overseas travelers daily, and with reservation in advance, can issue a certificate within a minimum of 2 hours.

The clinic in Terminal 3 provides COVID-19 testing for travelers

The Haneda Airport’s dedicated business jet gate, the Tokyo International Airport Business Aviation Gate has a dedicated Customs, Immigration and Quarantine facility allowing for fast and stress-free travel via its exclusive areas.

Travelers from overseas are supported by the Tokyo Tourist Information Center with information in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. In addition, the Keikyu Tourist Information Center and the JR East Inbound Travel Center also provide travel information in multiple languages.

Haneda Airport commits to provide cleanliness to ensure safety for travelers

While there are changes to air travel all around the world, Haneda Airport Terminal 3 has leveraged its high excellence in cleanliness and commitment to modern systems that bring convenience and peace of mind to its international travelers during the pandemic.

(The details in this article are as of December 31, 2020. Please visit the Haneda Airport website for up-to-date information for your visit.)



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