Efforts for the New Normal in Tokyo



After the impact of COVID-19, restaurants all over Tokyo are responding with measures to reduce the chance of infection from spreading. Japan’s culture of cleanliness and penchant for not wanting to make others sick meant that with the onset of the pandemic, mask-wearing quickly became the new norm for public life. In Tokyo eateries, you’ll see all staff wearing either face masks or face shields to help prevent the spread of droplets – a sight which was somewhat commonplace even before the pandemic. In addition to the more traditional hand towel given when taking your seat at a restaurant, now, you’ll also find alcohol hand spray at entrances and throughout. Furthermore, areas which typically have a lot of close contact such as cash registers and front desks have been adapted and modified with protective screens.

Contactless automatic alcohol hand spray are stationed in the restaurant

Contactless automatic alcohol hand spray stations

At Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ukai you’ll find many such measures being taken. The restaurant specializes in tofu made from its own signature blend of soy beans, and it is epitome of the ancient city of Edo nestled in modern Tokyo. Here, great care is taken to ensure cleanliness and social distancing is kept to the most thorough levels. Its staff wear traditional dress or formal Western clothing though none is without a face mask at all times. Thorough precautions are taken for the restaurant’s customers, including temperature checks of patrons and physical examinations of all staff, and automatic alcohol hand spray stations placed throughout the restaurant. The front desk also has another layer of protection with Perspex screens, and displays a rainbow mark which indicates that Tokyo Metropolitan Government is firmly implementing the infection control measures in collaboration with businesses.

The front desk of the restaurant displays the upmost level of care undertaken for the customer’s safety

The restaurant has sought to find the opportunities in this New Normal. Accordingly, the souvenir store has taken its operations online, offering tofu meals sets for the first time. The restaurant has also reduced and spaced out the seating in its private dining rooms. Aside from your own party and the dedicated server, no one else will enter your space. These dining rooms’ large openable windows each have a view of one of the beautiful gardens, which transform with the seasons. Similarly, the menu also changes with the seasons, using the freshest ingredients.

A beautiful garden can be observed from the private dining rooms which has spaced out seating
Magnificent courses offered are centered on the famous tofu, which is made using the restaurant’s signature blend of soybeans

Furthermore, the high ceilings of the entrance hall and the wide corridors allow for plenty of airflow. The management has even placed coronavirus information posters at the front desk and entrance ways. The restaurant is also easily accessible from major airports and the main commercial centers, and for international customers, there is always an English-speaking staff member nearby.

Panel shows information on coronavirus prevention measures that are being taken by the restaurant

Information on coronavirus prevention measures being taken

Visiting is sure to provide a truly unique experience. The restaurant’s attention to detail in service and preparation of their main specialty, tofu, is something to behold, and this care and attention has been pivoted towards cleanliness and adopting social distancing measures. What better way to experience Tokyo than with Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ukai’s safe and truly Japanese, Edo world.

Customers can enjoy a variety of quality tofu dishes at Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ukai
Beautiful scenery of pine trees and a pond with Koi carps can be observed at this restaurant

(The details in this article are as of December 31, 2020. Please visit Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ukai’s website for up-to-date information for your visit.)



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