From the Tama area out west to the Izu Islands down south, discover new ways to connect with nature and friends in Tokyo without losing your personal space.

February 2022

01.Keikoku Glamping Tent

Take a breath of fresh air away from Tokyo’s bustling metropolis, and do so in style at Keikoku Glamping Tent. Surrounded by the rich natural environment of the Tama region, you’ll enjoy a luxurious glamping experience in a bright, spacious, and well-furnished tent. Trek to secluded temples, hot springs and waterfalls, indulge in luxurious private spa experiences, and find inner peace with a professional spiritual healer. In the evenings, crack open a bottle of Japanese wine and enjoy a home-cooked barbecue with gourmet ingredients. There’s no better way to get a taste of the outdoors.

02.Diving and Underwater Photography in Hachijojima (for experienced divers)

Escape the crowds and experience a quieter side of Tokyo at Hachijojima, a subtropical volcanic island with unique natural beauty. Part of the Izu Islands and easily accessible by a one-hour flight or a 10-hour ferry ride, Hachijojima offers space, tranquility, and a chance to connect with nature near mainland Tokyo. But don’t just stay on land-explore the best diving spots around the island with professional guides and underwater photographers. In the crystal-clear waters, you can mingle with abundant aquatic life, take underwater photos, or simply relax and enjoy the tranquility of the ocean.

03.Star Watching and Night Walks on Oshima Island

Take a breather from city life and see Tokyo in a new light-literally-on Oshima, the largest of the volcanic Izu Islands. Just a short flight or ferry ride from mainland Tokyo, Oshima’s velvety black night skies brim with millions of twinkling stars, thanks to the island’s lack of artificial lighting. Enjoy nature’s planetarium as you lean back in a reclining chair or curl up in a sleeping bag. By day you can explore many other natural attractions, including Japan’s only true desert, an active volcano and its crater, a camellia garden, and much more.

Star Watching and Night Walks on Oshima Island
photo by Global Nature Club