Tokyo's diverse nightlife imbues evenings with an air of promise. From helicopter rides to dining above a sea of clouds, the city at night takes entertainment to new heights.

February 2022

01.Tokyo Sea of Clouds

Experience a high-altitude phenomenon in the heart of Tokyo: thick mist winding around mountains and hills, creating a sea of clouds. This view has long been admired by Japanese artists, and Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo has recreated it in its renowned Japanese garden for all to enjoy. Guests can admire the view from on high and walk through winding paths to a three-story pagoda enveloped in low-hanging clouds. For the first time in over a decade, the display is being illuminated: at night, a thousand LED bulbs light up the mist to create a truly spellbinding effect.


Live the high life at CÉ LA VI TOKYO, a resort-like complex atop the Shibuya Fukuras tower. As the Tokyo offshoot of the premier lifestyle hub at Singapore's Marina Bay Sands, this is a new frontier in Tokyo's world-class entertainment scene, with a restaurant–bar, an al fresco cafe, and the Club Lounge nightclub, all overlooking neon-lit Shibuya. Club Lounge is one of the best places to go for a taste of Tokyo's dazzling nightlife. Featuring world-famous DJs bringing pulsating beats, cutting-edge audio-visuals, and a fine selection of liquors curated by mixology masters, it promises a party like no other.

03.Tokyo Helicopter Cruising

Soar above Tokyo's skyscrapers and get a new perspective on the metropolis aboard a private helicopter tour. Private Sky Tour offers a range of options to suit all interests: sweep through the city's best-known landmarks like TOKYO SKYTREE and Rainbow Bridge, compare the skylines of Tokyo and Yokohama, or take an aerial excursion out to majestic Mount Fuji. Whichever route you choose, you'll enjoy an unforgettable experience that's perfect for special events or simply sightseeing in style.