Resembling finely crafted art pieces, Tokyo's sweets are a harmonious fusion of colors, flavors, textures, and ingredients - a treat for the senses.

February 2022

01.Kuriya Kashi KUROGI

Kuriya Kashi Kurogi is the sister brand of Kurogi, a Tokyo-style kappo-ryori (fine dining) restaurant that's often booked into the following year. Focusing on traditional wagashi (Japanese sweets) crafted by artisan chefs, Kuriya Kashi Kurogi opened its latest branch in Yushima near Ueno Park in late 2020. The cafe skillfully employs a harmony of Japanese fine dining and confectionary techniques to whip up "sweet kappo" courses - an assortment of dishes topped off with the dessert of your choice. Don't miss the cafe's signature warabi-mochi made of pure bracken starch and covered in roasted soybean flour.

02.fruits and season

Lovely to behold and just as delightful to eat, Japan's colorful fruit sandwiches have captivated the world. Now vegans too can enjoy these photogenic sensations, thanks to fruits and season, Japan's first vegan fruit sandwich shop. Located in stylish Ebisu, near Shibuya, fruits and season boasts a rotating lineup of ten sandwiches, including seasonal exclusives. The shop sources its fruits from Daiwa, a grocer known for fresh, high-quality produce, and uses soy-based whipped cream and vegan bread.


Tokyo is a city where traditions are constantly being reinvented, and Be:Side café testifies to that. Located in the upscale Omotesando district, Be:Side is the stylish new brainchild of Funabashiya, a centuries-old wagashi shop famous for the Tokyo delicacy known as kuzumochi, sweets made with wheat starch fermented with lactobacilli probiotics. In Indulge guilt-free in healthy sweets made with Funabashiya's unique trademarked lactobacilli, including seasonal kuzumochi smoothies, oshiruko (sweet red-bean soup) topped with kuzumochi, and classic kuzumochi served the traditional way.