There is a kind of magic to Tokyo, which you can now discover in a series of videos showcasing the city’s unique charms. Immerse yourself in architecture that brings the past back to life, see how the city perfectly merges the ancient with the modern, or get a taste of the capital’s extraordinary nightlife, to understand what those who have already been here know. There is no place like Tokyo.

[Timeless Temptations] Slip into Historical Tokyo

From centuries old shrines to historical gardens or a restaurant housed in a former geisha residence. Elements of Tokyo’s past are woven throughout the city’s fabric.

[Timeless Temptations] Where Old Meets New

Experience how Tokyo continues to evolve by merging its past and present. Find traditional crafts in the most modern of shopping malls or enjoy worldclass service at a classic hotel and restaurant that embrace the past.

[Timeless Temptations] Cruising Tokyo, Day and Night

Explore Tokyo in comfort from the seat of your chauffeur-driven car or cruising in style on Tokyo bay. Dine in style and be pampered at a modern version of the traditional Japanese ryokan inn.

[Timeless Temptations] Meet us in Tokyo

Tokyo is more than a gateway to Japan, it is an iconic cultural destination. A city with a seamless mixture of both modern and traditional delights, alluring and unexpected — there’s something for everyone in Tokyo’s world-class luxury hotels.