At Ippodo, beauty is power. The owner and curator of this gallery in Tokyo's luxurious Ginza district is Keiko Aono, a knowledgeable art connoisseur who is dedicated to showcasing contemporary art by Japan's top artists and rising stars alike. Savor Japanese art and culture in the intimacy of Ippodo's private tearoom - a tranquil, exclusive space for experiencing the Japanese tea ceremony while admiring exquisite works of art.

Artwork in Japan has always been the embodiment of Japanese virtue. Its simplicity without the fluff, its calm presence, delicate and exquisite details, spirit of love for nature - in Japan the artwork does not have to belong to certain era or genre - they are all considered “artwork.” For example, a common spirit exists between modern art and medieval craft despite their difference in genre.

Tokyo is blessed with countless opportunities to be in touch with art. Ginza, the most luxurious town in Japan full of international brand stores and upscale restaurants, also is home to the largest number of galleries in Japan - with 250 to 300. Finest paintings and crafts collected nationwide are found here, in addition to avant-garde pieces that include modern and stylish artwork despite being traditional craft.

Ippodo is a gallery in Ginza who carries only the work of current artists. Its owner, Ms. Keiko Aono, has built herself an extensive network by her extraordinary skill of making connections inside and outside of Japan. While collecting artwork of renowned artists in Japan she also puts an effort in discovering young artists. Always a doer of quick action, she sometimes travels from top to bottom of Japan in ten days to visit artists nationwide. “We won’t die from lack of art, but when you are faced with an artwork, there are moments your soul is freed for a flash of a second, or your heart is deeply moved. Art has the power to enrich your life. ‘Beauty is Power.’ Beauty does have that kind of power. And, the artists who produce such beauty possess mysterious charm. We need to properly communicate this, and create a space for people who understand and seek this to come together.” Ippodo also has a surprisingly serene and sophisticated tearoom. In this tearoom one can experience authentic tea ceremony using the tea ware available at Ippodo and VIPs are invited to appreciate the exquisite piece of work in their privacy. “We created this special environment for VIPs. We hope everyone can enjoy and savor Japanese art and culture without having to rush.”




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