Ride the cutting edge of culture in an ever-changing city. Creative collaborations, virtual worlds, and organic installations await at Tokyo's art museums.

December 2021

01.teamLab Planets TOKYO

On the east side of Tokyo, cutting-edge digital art museum teamLab Planets continues to grow. With nine interactive works, including four large exhibition spaces, the museum adds a brand-new Garden Area with two new installations starting July 2021. In Floating Flower Garden, digital gives way to natural with over 13,000 orchids floating in the air, rising and falling to form a bubble around you as you lose yourself in their garden world. In Moss Garden of Resonating Microcosms, a gathering of glittering ovoids rests among moss-covered mounds, where they shine and resonate in response to touch.


Japan’s largest gallery complex expands with TERRADA ART COMPLEX II. Experience Japan's cutting-edge contemporary art scene across multiple galleries in Tokyo's modern Tennoz Isle. This facility, together with adjacent TERRADA ART COMPLEX I, combines galleries, studios, and a cafe into a hotspot for the production of artistic culture. Enjoy specialist spaces for paintings and three-dimensional pieces, see global artistic communication at work, and experience dramatic solo shows by domestic and international top contemporary artists, all under one roof.

03.Biscuit Gallery

Situated on Shoto Bunkamura Street, Shibuya's art hub, Biscuit Gallery opened in early 2021 with a mission: to provide exposure and opportunities for emerging artists. Welcoming everyone from casual visitors to art collectors, it showcases works by promising young artists from Japan and beyond, hosting exhibitions, talks, and roundtable discussions. Browse the three-story art gallery for an introduction to up-and-coming artists to watch out for, and show your support by picking up a piece that catches your eye.

04.Artizon Museum

Founded by the late art collector Shojiro Ishibashi, Artizon Museum displays a diverse selection of Japanese and Western Art. Formerly named the Bridgestone Museum of Art, the renovated museum has an impressive 3,200-piece collection, ranging from works by Picasso, Renoir, and Pollock to Japanese modern art, displayed across its top three floors. Expertly curated, its exhibits of impressionist paintings, modern art, ancient statues, and even Greek vases will make for hours of fascinating browsing.