With a tantalizing choice of dining options from healthy soba noodles to elaborate multicourse kaiseki meals, Tokyo is unrivaled as a culinary destination.

Tokyo boasts more Michelin stars than any other city in the world. This gourmet capital offers a mesmerizing array of options, from its own traditional washoku to outstanding European cuisine prepared both authentically and with innovative local twists. You can dine at exclusive Michelin-starred restaurants or seek out hidden gems tucked away in narrow alleyways. The choices are endless.

Why not start your visit with an authentic washoku experience? Tokyo’s master chefs have access to the very best ingredients in every season, from every corner of Japan. Succulent Wagyu beef, the freshest seafood and vegetables may be rendered delicately or boldly, but always with precision and deep respect for the product and your experience of it. The result might even change your view of gastronomy! The food, its presentation and the setting combine through the sincere spirit of omotenashi hospitality and its attention to detail to engage all five senses for an unforgettable and iconic Tokyo memory.

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The venerable tempura restaurant Kondo in Ginza is arguably the best of the genre. When you bite into a crisp morsel of tempura that’s cooked to perfection before your eyes and served right there on the spot, you will know pure bliss.

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Owner-chef of Sushi Suzuki, Takahisa Suzuki takes the utmost care in preparing the delicate sushi rice so that it falls away gently in the mouth, thus setting up the flavor and texture of the topping. Opened in 2015 in Ginza, his restaurant is a relative newcomer but already has garnered a name for itself in one of the most competitive neighborhoods in town.

Among the dishes served in a multicourse kaiseki meal, the wanmono soup is said to reflect the height of the chef’s skills. At Ginza Okuda the suppon-dofu turtle soup, served in a lacquered bowl with its savory round egg custard evoking the full moon, is gorgeous enough to adorn a picture scroll.

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A signature dish of the Michelin one-star restaurant Okamoto in Kamiya-cho is soba buckwheat noodles sprinkled with grated karasumi mullet roe and roasted soba grains. The contrasting flavors and crunchy texture are a true delight.