A fresh breeze, the gentle rustle of trees, relaxing scenes of green – outdoor beauty can be found even in the center of Tokyo. At TRUNK HOTEL in Shibuya, enjoy an oasis of natural freedom to create your own story.

Urban Outdoors - Regardless of where you are, you can enjoy the outdoors in your immediate surroundings. Whether you are living in a big city or travelling, you can easily and quite comfortably create the outdoors. Unlike a full-fledged outdoor trip in the wilderness, it is a remarkable style that combines easy accessibility with comfortable living in the city and precious time to relax.

An open living room that embodies nature

Tokyo, with its vast underground metropolis and rows of skyscrapers, has a surprisingly large number of comfortable open spaces that are beautiful and clean. One of the examples is the Bay Area, where you can dine or join a yoga class in an outdoor terrace of a luxury hotel, while taking in the fresh sea breeze. There are also multiple fully-equipped glamping facilities all over the city. At these locations a wide variety of activities are available regardless of the weather, with the openness of outdoor while taking advantage of the comfort and amenities available at luxury hotels.

Relaxing time outside with healthy breakfast
Private yoga lessons held in “Terrace Suite”, the largest guestroom at TRUNK

State of the art fashion in the heart of Tokyo, a trendy and a metropolis, Shibuya, is no exception. One good example is the first “socializing” hotel in Japan, TRUNK HOTEL Shibuya. Its largest guestroom, “Terrace Suite” has a 140sqm room which comes with a 70sqm additional wide open terrace, equipped with barbeque grill, a large dining table and a Jacuzzi. Recently a private yoga lesson was held at this space. Although the area is surrounded by fashionable shops and restaurants, the breeze coming in from the windows is surprisingly invigorating. After the lesson, we have a well-balanced breakfast that is made from locally produced and additive-free ingredients. Spend some luxury time on your own or gather your local friends and acquaintances to enjoy. We urge you to come and create your own special experience.