Morning yoga classes at Hotel Gajoen Tokyo in Meguro ward invite yogis of all levels from beginner to advanced to practice in beautiful art-filled surroundings. Afterwards, enjoy a relaxed healthy breakfast in the boutique hotel’s top-floor lounge.

At private studios, Buddhist temples, municipal gyms, and even gatherings in public plazas throughout the city, Tokyo offers plenty of options for yogis to stretch out and stay limber. From Ashtanga to Bikram and Hatha to Yin, instruction can be found in each of the established schools and methodologies, as well as in more recent variants like prenatal and hot yoga. But for pure visual stimulation in luxurious surroundings, the Morning Yoga program at Hotel Gajoen Tokyo deserves special mention.

Morning Yoga
 program at Hotel Gajoen Tokyo
Morning Yoga
 program at Hotel Gajoen Tokyo

Offered to day visitors and staying guests alike, the Morning Yoga class is held in the foyer of Hotel Gajoen Tokyo’s fourth-floor banquet area, where beautiful art covers the walls and ceiling in a veritable feast for the eyes and imagination. With each asana, no matter which angle you face there will be some inspiring view to take in.

The ornate works include woodblock carvings and Japanese-style nihonga paintings that recall the aesthetics of the early Edo period (1603–1867), when Tokyo was a bustling young castle town. For sheer sense of place it is one of the most Instagrammable yoga venues you will find anywhere in town.

Another benefit of this spectacular space is the opportunity to practice on tatami mats. The green, grassy scent of the all-natural woven rush is uplifting, and promises to enhance your concentration with each inhale and exhale. Mineral water and yoga mats are provided, so travelers needn’t worry about carrying their gear. Naturally, the class is tailored on the day to accommodate each participant’s level and condition. Besides being a great way to start the day, for traveling visitors, especially, the opportunity to release muscle tension with stretching can be just what is needed after a long flight or even in preparation for one.

The Hotel Gajoen Tokyo Morning Yoga class is on offer to registered guests of the hotel as well as those just passing through. It is complimentary for staying guests. For visitors, the one-time fee includes a full breakfast at Ouka, the stylish executive lounge on the hotel’s topmost floor. Fresh fruits and vegetables, green smoothies, and select yogurts are among the buffet offerings that will give your body a balanced morning boost.

breakfast at Ouka
xecutive lounge on the hotel’s topmost floor

Morning Yoga is offered by advance reservation. Staying guests can reserve their space at the front desk; visitors should call the hotel at least one day in advance to secure a spot. Call or check the hotel website to confirm the class dates, times, and fee.