Couples into Experiences

Discover traditions that recall the charm of old Edo


Tokyo has two main airports: Narita International (NRT), slightly longer than one hour by car or about 50 minutes to Tokyo station by special express train; and the more central Haneda (HND), about 30 minutes from the city center by car.

Ride through
the City in Style

Hire a personal driver to travel smoothly around the city in style. For shorter trips, spotless taxis are never far away.

©︎Japan Limousine Service
Dinner at Your Hotel

On the first night, take it easy and dine at your hotel. Most high-end hotels in the city offer several choices of cuisine, and the service and quality are excellent.

Attend an Early-morning
Sumo Practice

While anyone can book a seat at the main Sumo tournaments held at Kokugikan stadium in Ryogoku in January, May and September, a more exhilarating and intimate experience is to observe a morning practice session at a stable. Afterwards, join the wrestlers for their classic lunch of chanko hot pot.

Shopping in Ginza

Head to Ginza for the latest fashions, art galleries and small boutiques selling everything from craft-sake to handmade leather accessories.

Savor Traditional
Diversions at a Tokyo Ryotei

On your second night, be more adventurous and book a private room at one of the city’s many upscale ryotei restaurants. Besides the extraordinary multicourse kaiseki cuisine, expect singing and dancing by skilled geisha dressed in beautiful kimonos.

Experience the Authentic
Way of Tea

Start your third day with a true Japanese experience: a tea ceremony. Enjoy the carefully arranged ikebana flower design and the traditional architecture of the tea room as you sip a bowl of thick green matcha tea.

Cultural Experiences

Spend a leisurely afternoon learning how to make a furin wind bell, or dress up for an outdoor stroll in a traditional kimono.

©︎Shinohara Furin Honpo
Dinner at a Edomae
Sushi Bar

No trip to Tokyo should be without a meal enjoyed a traditional sushi counter. Watch in awe as the master deftly prepares each morsel of nigiri right in front of you.

Visit a Brewery and Become
a Sake Expert

Visit the Ozawa Shuzo sake brewery right on the Tama River in Ome, about a 90-minute drive from central Tokyo. Its premium Sawanoi label is prepared in the original buildings erected when the business first began three centuries ago. About ten different types of sake are on offer for tasting at any time.

Take a Refreshing Stroll
in One of Tokyo’s Many Parks

After your brewery visit, return to town and stroll one of Tokyo’s many beautiful parks or traditional gardens to enjoy the scenery and quiet of these oases in the middle of the bustling city.

Dinner at Michelin-starred

Choosing where to dine might be the hardest decision you will have to make in Tokyo, a city awarded more Michelin stars than any other in the world. Whatever your choice, be ready for a dining experience you will remember for a lifetime.

Try Your Hand at Ukiyo-e
Woodblock Printing

Make your own ukiyo-e woodblock prints at the Mokuhankan woodblock printmaking workshop in Asakusa, where friendly staff will guide you through the process.

©︎ Mokuhankan
Shopping in Nihonbashi

Shopping does not get better anywhere in the world than here at the heart of Tokyo. Visit Nihonbashi for traditional Japanese crafts and traditional delicacies such as tea, seaweed and Japanese sweets.


Leave Tokyo with your hearts and minds brimming with impressions of this wonderful city at the heart of Japanese culture past, present and future.