The night sky explodes in the intricate, thrilling beauty of Japanese fireworks. Electrifying dancers perform to a symphony of music and light. Culinary delights and beach-side relaxation abound. STAR ISLAND offers true resort-style entertainment in the very heart of Tokyo.

The world of entertainment in Japan, is known for its "detail-oriented artistry". The stage setting and production to suit each particular venue, and the flow of actors and staff are deeply deliberated. "This kind of dedication to the details helps create a show like no other, and is at times what strongly resonates with the audience," says Japan's leading record company Avex.

Fireworks lights up the night view of Tokyo

As there is no company more versed in Japanese culture and entertainment as Avex, there is a show that only they can deliver. "STAR ISLAND" is a show produced by Avex that combines Japanese fireworks and music. Launched first in Tokyo in 2017, it has expanded to the world with shows in Singapore and Saudi Arabia. "We call it 'Location Entertainment' as we create shows in iconic areas of each country to offer a unique experience." The shows feature traditional Japanese fireworks, but it is not just an ordinary fireworks show. "We believe that we can innovate traditional Japanese fireworks and recreate their concept. The night view of each city becomes its own unique stage, and we feel it is important to highlight its beauty with finely-crafted production and firework techniques using our expertise." More than 100 top performers and lighting artists from Japan, including dancers with titles at world competitions and former Olympic rhythmic gymnasts, put on performances that maximize the beauty of Tokyo.

Star Island venue is packed with excited people

The venue at Star Island is packed with attractions that can be enjoyed before sunset. Performers put on street performances, and families gather around food stalls and kids areas. In addition, there are 10 types of seats available, which include BBQ seats and Picnic seats for families and groups to enjoy a meal together during the show. For those seeking a more luxurious experience, the Dinner seats offer a full-fledged dinner and champagne, or the Bed seats provide beds on the beach for guests to lie down and relax while watching the show.

One can enjoy luxurious dinner at Star Island
Families and groups can enjoy BBQ before the splendid show